TIMB3 at ITQB-UNL Open Day 2019

TIMB3 participated in the institution’s Open Day, which took place Saturday, 26 October, from 10h to 17h. This edition of the event celebrated the international year of the Periodic Table, with the theme “Join the Elements”. On that day, the institute opens its doors and researchers invite people of all ages to discover how chemistry is part of our daily lives.
Researchers have organized visits to labs, research facilities, and greenhouses. Visitors can participate in speed dating with scientists, listen to scientific talks on the Architecture of Life, the Dance of the Elements and the Periodic Table of Medicine, and discover our science fair with hands-on experiments. Children will build molecules with gums, play the games of Photosynthesis and of the Periodic Table, discover the astonishing chemical experiments of scientist Carlos Romão and fill their passports with dozens of activities.

By the end of the day, everyone will have discovered the Pyramid in our garden and what lies beneath, and will realize there can be no expression more misleading than “contains no chemicals”. After all, chemistry is everywhere: in the objects of our daily lives and even in us!

ITQB NOVA’s Open Day is organized every two years by the researchers of the institute, with the aim of showing the science developed in here. It is a unique opportunity to discover the institution from the inside, talk to our scientists, get to know more about a scientific career and discover the science behind our lives.

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