TIMB3 Second Winter School

The TIMB3 Second Winter School organized by Dr Joana Ribeiro, TIMB3 Project Manager, was held online and took place on the 8th of June 2021. The course consisted on lectures on Innovation Management and Intellectual Property from international experts from ITQB NOVA, TU Berlin and University of Florence. The course speakers were Dr Miguel Santos from ITQB NOVA, Eng Martin Rahmel from TU Berlin and Dr Lorenzo Micacchi from University of Florence . During the course researchers explored the process behind coming up with ideas, identifying opportunities and apply them to create value for society.

There were 24 participants from 6 institutions: ITQB NOVA, TU Berlin, University of Florence, Shangai Center for Plant Stress Biology, INIAV and InnovPlant Protect Colab. Participants were mainly MSc Researchers, PhD Students, Postdoctoral Researchers and Assistant Researchers.