TIMB3 Workshop Metals and Life

On May 24 ITQB NOVA hosts the workshop “Metals and Life: good metals and bad metals and how to distinguish them”. The workshop is dedicated to high school students from Oeiras Municipality and consists of lectures by ITQB NOVA scientists and invited researchers from Portuguese Higher Education Institutions.

During this workshop High school students will learn the role Metals play in Biology and how researchers study them.

Workshop Agenda:

9.30-10.10 Ricardo Louro (ITQB NOVA): À procura de Darwin na tabela de Mendeleev

10.15-10.55 Leonor Morgado (FCT NOVA): Proteínas com metais em bactérias que produzem electricidade


11.20-12.00 Catarina Pimentel (ITQB NOVA): Metais na Microbiologia

12.05-12.45 Carlos Romão (ITQB NOVA): Metais em Medicina

This activity is organized by Professor Ricardo Louro, TIMB3 co-coordinator, together with ITQB NOVA Science Communication Office in partnership with Oerias Educa + Programme